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Best Outdoor Blinds Adelaide – Ziptrak vs Zipscreen vs Slidetrack (comparison table)

How do you choose the best outdoor blinds in Adelaide? If you own your home and do any reasonable amount of outdoor living. You have likely thought of installing outdoor blinds. 
Outdoor blinds are an excellent addition to any alfresco, pergola or veranda. Allowing you to enjoy the space as you choose. Because of this, outdoor blinds or patio blinds increase the usable space of your home. This means that by installing outdoor blinds, the value of your home increases. More than this, the enjoyment of the home increases. And that is fabulous.
With so many outdoor blind options available in Adelaide, how do you choose the best? This guide will identify a few differences and similarities between the 3 leading systems of outdoor blinds in Adelaide. Ziptrak, Zipscreen and Slidetrack
Ziptrak Blinds Adelaide, Pasadena, South Australia
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Slidetrack blinds Adelaide - inside view out

Outdoor Blinds Comparison Table

If you like easy to digest visual information, then we trust you will find the table below helpful. Working out, the best outdoor blinds in Adelaide is subjective.
We have installed all the below systems, Ziptrak, Zipscreen and Slidetrack outdoor blinds. And we have fitted these outdoor blinds to all sorts of situations. This table has been from created from an installers view point. 

Best Outdoor Blinds In Adelaide

So, what are the best outdoor blinds in Adeliade? The table above shows few differences between the three (3) types of outdoor blinds included. At least on paper anyway. So how else can we separate the outdoor blind systems to decide which is the best?

Ziptrak vs Zipscreen vs Slidetrack

While there are some style differences exist. The main differences are evident when we look at the track and the design of each. So let’s highlight the differences of the tracks and illustrate why these differences matter.
The differences which arise from the guides create Practical, Functional and Style differences. Highlighting these should help decide the best outdoor blind in Adelaide

The U Channel

All three of the blind systems have very similar track configurations. The first part of the track is the U channel. It is the part of the side guides which fixes to the substrate (post, wall etc)

U channels of Slidetrack, Ziptrak, Zipscreen Blinds Adelaide
As the picture above illustrates, the Ziptrak blinds and the Zipscreen blinds have very similar U channels.
The Slidetrack outdoor blind system (on the right) has more room for a fixing (such as a screw). There are even options which allow the Slidetrack more room than the U channel pictured. Why does this matter? 
If you have a pipe, screw or other smallish obstacle the back of the U channel can be notched out. This allows the guide to sit over the top of the obstruction.
This feature of the Slidetrack blind means we install blinds where others won’t. Working around an obstacle can mean stopping the blind short or using fixed panels or build outs. This can increase the expense of your job and take away from the look desired.

The Spline Guide

The next section of the track which we will look at is the spline guide.

Ziptrak, Zipscreen and Slidetrack Comparison Spline Guide
The Spline guide (highlighted above) is where the spline travels up and down the track. The spline (kadar for Ziptrack and zip for Zipscreen) is welded onto the fabric. It locks the fabric into the track. Keeping the fabric taught and not allowing the fabric to wave around in the wind.
As you can see from the illustration above, the guide for the Zipscreen and Slidetrack are similar. The Spline guide does not allow much movement for the spline. This can lead to less smooth operation when there is wind pushing against the fabric.
The Ziptrak has a much more generous amount of room for the spline (kadar) to move. When the wind is pushing the fabric, the spline is not pushing against the guide wall. Because of this the guide has reduced resistance. This design aspect is what makes the Ziptrak a smoother operating system.

The Spline Cover Strip (or lack of)

The last section of the track which we will illustrate is the Spline cover strip or the lack there of. see below
Ziptrak, Zipscreen and Slidetrack Track Spline Cover Strip
The spline cover strip is a section of the track which extends beyond the spline guide. As you can see from the illustration above, the Zipscreen and Slidetrack have this strip. The Ziptrak does not have this cover strip.
When pulled down, you do not see the welded spline on the edge of the fabric. The cover strip has nothing to do with the practicality of installation or operation. It is a style feature which many customers feel is more attractive. Having said that, over time, the spline may discolour at a different rate to the main curtain fabric.

So in Conclusion – Which is The Best Outdoor Blind System in Adelaide?

In conclusion, which is the best outdoor blind system? Is it the Ziptrak, Zipscreen or Slidetrack?
Well in fairness it will come down to the job and personal preference. There are other differences not covered in this post (comment below or send a message if you want to know more). 
If you have a straight forward installation then the Ziptrak is hard beat. It is a well known brand in South Australia for good reason. In most cases the Ziptrak blinds will operate smoothly and look good for years. 
If you have a more challenging installation then the Slidetrack blind is the best option. Other patented design elements also make it the better system for tougher installs.
The best way to choose between the systems is to decide:
Which you like the most
Which installer you trust the most
And which suits your budget the best.
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