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A Sliding Screen Door Closer can benefit your home in many ways. If you have children, a pool or just like to have your life automated then you will want a sliding security screen door closer in Australia. In this post we will look at a couple of reasons for wanting a sliding screen door closer. We will also show how they work.

The main reasons we get asked to install a sliding screen door closer are: 

1. To be pool safety compliant

2. To counteract persons leaving the screen door open

3. Because…..Why Not?

Let’s look at each one of these individually.

Sliding Screen Door Closer
These double sliding security doors have an automatic door closer. This means they can be used in place of a pool fence.

Sliding Screen Door Closers Can Be Pool Safety Compliant

Many Australian homes have a pool. Because of drowning risks with pools, we have regulations. Regulations like pool fences to keep kids out without the assistance of adults. While such measures are important to keep our children safe, they can take away from the aesthetic of the pool area. So is there another way?

If you have sliding screen doors that open up to your pool area, a sliding screen door closer may be the solution for you. By incorporating a automatic screen door closer, you are complying with the requirements similar to fencing. So by having an automatic sliding screen door closer installed, you may be compliant. But is this all that is required?

In a word, No. There other requirements that need to be met for the screen door to be classed compliant. You will also need the screen door to have security rated mesh and the handle will need to be at regulation height. 

The Sliding Screen Door Closer will need to be approved. 

There are a number of different automatic screen door closers on the market. If you are not wanting to be pool safety compliant then choose one that suits you. If you do want to be pool safety compliant, we recommend a water closer.

What is a Water Closer

A water closer is a screen door closer which works as a counterweight system and a tube with water. (Watch Video Below)
A stainless steel cord is attached to a weight located in a tube on the outside of the screen door. This tube is filled with water. The combination of the weight and water ensure the door closes and closes gently. 
Installing a water closer needs to be carefully to ensure that the door does in fact close smoothly and effectively. 

Screen Door Closers Are Handy If You Have Children

Screen doors work best when they are closed. And unfortunately children (and others) can be notorious for leaving them open. Letting in flies, mosquitos and all manner of other insects.

Unfortunately not all of our children are perfect and close doors behind them. Nearly all hinged screen doors have door closers attached for this very reason. By attaching an automatic screen door closer you get the same effect as a hinged door closer. 

The good news is that there is no special requirement for how they work when keeping bugs out. Any basic closer will work in these situations. A basic sliding screen door closer can be purchased at Bunnings. They are also simple to install.

Sliding Screen Door Closers Are Convenient

We live in a world where convenience is king. Having things automated makes our life easier. Sliding screen doors are no different. Not having to close the door behind you just makes your life easier. Given how cheap and accessible a basic sliding screen door closer is….why not install one?

Sliding Screen Door Closers are a helpful addition to your home. Many of them are inexpensive and simple to install. Some assist in pool safety compliance. Such sliding screen door closers not only keeps your home safe, but add value and improve functionality. 

If you have been looking at getting a sliding screen door installed and particularly if you need one for pool safety compliance, get in contact with us. Head over to our security screens and doors page and fill in your details in the contact form. One of our friendly representatives will contact you soon after. OR simply fill in the form below

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