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Invisi Gard Security Doors And Windows Adelaide

Our Invisi Gard Security doors Adelaide are made locally from high tensile 316 marine grade stainless steel. We take care to ensure we have our doors manufactured to the highest quality Adelaide and Australia has to offer.

Invisi Gard Security Doors Adelaide by Your World Outdoor Blinds and Shutters
Invisi Gard Security Doors Adelaide- Your World Outdoor Blinds & Shutters
Invisi Gard Sliding Security Door (Double Sliding)
Invisi Gard Double Sliding Security Doors

Stainless Steel Mesh for Maximium Security

Locally Sourced for Peace of Mind!

Stainless steel mesh is the epitomy of security screen doors. Strong and resistant to corrosion these doors allow maximum visibility and airflow. 

Not all stainless steel doors are made the same. Our Invisi gard doors are made from high tensile 316 marine grade stainless steel to ensure maximum corrosion resistance for longer life. Longer life means more value for money.

By buying a genuine Invisi Gard security screen door from Your World Outdoor Blind and Shutters, you can be certain of the quality of  mesh and finish.

Choose The Locking Option That Suits You

Single or Triple Locking

 Our hinged Invisi Gard security doors come standard with triple locks to ensure peace of mind.

Sometimes called 3 point locks, these mechanisms are designed to lock in three places when the key or snib is engaged in the locked position. A locking tongue is located towards the top, bottom and centre of the door preventing jemmying of the door.

In some cases customer’s prefer single locks. In this case a locking tongue is engaged towards the centre of the door, where the handle is located. You may prefer this option for sliding doors, where security is less of a concern in instances where a triple lock is difficult to achieve. 

Invisi Gard Door Infront of Decorative Entry Door
Invisi Gard Door Infront of Decorative Entry Door
Double Security Door - Flame Red
Double Security Door - Flame Red

Whole Frame Powder Coating for a Better Finish

Painted Corners and Less Scratches

 We cut and assemble your security screen door frame as a complete unit and have them powder coated as a complete unit. This process ensures the door is powder coated right to corners with less risk of scratching. 

Manufacturers usually take standard frame colours, cut them to size and assemble the door. While common, this process results in uncoated corners. Making your door this way means there is a much higher chance of scratches and scuff marks on your finished door. Your door will end up looking like it was made in the back of a van.

Save money with more variety. By powder coating after cutting the frame, we offer any colour at the same price. This means you can have your Invisi Gard Security Door in any colour you without needing to pay additional charges for powder coating. Any one for a Red or maybe a Yellow door? Yes we do them!

Quality Locks and Handles

Key lock or Snib lock

Our locking kits are installed to ensure they comply with the Australian standards for security screen doors. 

You have the flexibility to lock your door with the key from the inside or out. You can also easily and conveniently flick the snib to lock your screen from the inside without the need for a key.

Not wanting a fist full of keys? No problem, we can key your front door to the screen.

Security Door Handle - Tongue view with Snib
Security Door Handle - Tongue view with Snib
Door Closers help with smooth operation of hinged security screen doors
Door closers set properly allow for soft closing of hinged security screen doors

Bug Strips & Door Closers Standard

All The Inclusions For Better Value 

Because we want the best result for you, we add all the stuff that other companies want to charge extra for. Our standard inclusions for hinged doors include bug strips and door closers. Ensuring your door closes automatically and doesn’t have that gap down the bottom for bug to get in.

Security Screen Door and Window FAQ

Yes. Our Invisi Gard security screen doors are the closest option to a the look of a flyscreen door with the advantage of security. This means they allow maximum airflow and security with a minimalist looking mesh providing maximum view.

Yes. We can install pet doors in security screens. While this is possible, keep in mind that when a pet door is installed, you can no longer class the door as a security door under Australian Standards. Once the pet door is added, the door can only be classed as a safety door.

This is the current Australian standards that are needed to be met in order for a door to be classed as a security door for insurance purposes. To achieve this classification, the door must pass a number of tests including: dynamic impact test, jemmy test, pull test, probe test, shear test and knife shear test.

Triple locks are mechanisms which lock your screen door in three locations (top, middle and bottom) when you engage the centre lock. In contrast, a single lock only locks the door in the centre where the lock is located.

A flush bolt is a bolt that is used when two hinged doors meet. In these situations such as french doors, one of the doors (passive door) is fitted with a flush bolt so that the other door (active door) can be locked into the passive door. Thus, the flush bolt is activated by pushing the latch up or down which then engages or disengages the flush bolt in the top and bottom of the door frame.

Yes. Providing that the barrel used in the security door is the same as the barrel used in the door you would like to key alike, this can be done.

We have a great range of standard colours to suit most homes and existing frames, however if you are after a special colour, we can generally match that colour (or come close) for a small additional cost. 

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