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Are you confused about all the options for outdoor blinds and can’t decide which is the best for you?
Have you received quotes for outdoor blinds that were way over your budget?
Thought about enclosing your entertaining area with blinds? But can’t decide who to use?
You’re not alone. We solve problems like these everyday. Outdoor blinds, patio blinds and café blinds are a great way to get more use out of your pergola, patio or veranda. Choose between retractable straight drop blinds or locked in channelled outdoor blinds. The range available at Your World Adelaide are a stylish way to get more use out of your pergola. Installing blinds saves areas that might otherwise be spoilt by the sun and rain. 
Your World Outdoor Blinds and Shutters has a range of window awnings for windows. Window awnings are great for protecting indoor furnishing and reducing cooling costs. If you live in Adelaide and have thought about outdoor blinds or window awnings then get in touch with us today. We provide a free design, measure and quote service.
External blinds Adelaide for patio
Looking for outdoor blinds or patio blinds. Your World Outdoor Blinds and Shutters has you covered
Patio Blinds Adelaide
Patio blinds are a great way to get more use out of your outdoor entertaining areas
Outdoor blinds Adelaide - for entertaining
Slidetrack outdoor blinds are a great way to enable year round entertaining

Outdoor Blinds Let You Entertain Year-Round

Be the master of  barbequing!
Being the barbeque master is about being able to entertain when others can’t.
Those precious times you organise with your friends and family are too often ruined with excessive heat or rain.
Outdoor blinds and patio blinds are a great way to keep the elements at bay in Adelaide.
By having our blinds installed can entertain all year round. With UV and insulating qualities, blind fabrics enable you to keep the heat out during summer. Not only this, our blinds help keep warmth in during the winter. This effect is even better when teamed up with an outdoor heater.

Save Money Using Outdoor Blinds

Stop the heat before it hits the house!
Adelaide summers can be hot. Early morning or late afternoon sun can stream in underneath your pergola or veranda. Outdoor blinds, cafe blinds, patio blinds and/or window awnings are your first line of defense. By adding these fixtures you will stop direct sunlight entering your home. 
Installing window awnings and blinds is useful where pergolas or verandas are not situated. By using window furnishings to keep direct sun out of your home, you reduce heating and cooling costs. You will also protect window furnishings, furniture and flooring from UV damage. Contact us today for your free design, measure and quote.
Window Awnings Adelaide
Use window awnings as your first line of defense against the harmful damage sun and UV has on your furniture and furnishings
Patio Blinds Adelaide
Whether you want privacy, protection or airflow, the range of modern hard wearing outside fabrics will complement your home

Outdoor Blind Fabrics for Privacy, Visibility or Breathability

Choose the fabric that helps your dream become a reality!
Whether you are desiring privacy from your neighbours or shelter and air flow, we can design a solution to suit your needs. Blockout fabrics, woven or perforated fabrics and PVC options are all available. And they come in a wide range of colours and styles. Organise a free design, measure and quote today.
We prefer and recommend the range of fabrics from HVG. Also fabrics from Vista Weave, Ricky Richards and Sergi Ferrari.

Increase Space Using Outdoor Blinds

Increase livable space by adding outdoor blinds to your alfresco or pergola and watch your property value increase!

Outdoor blinds, cafe blinds or patio blinds can be an ideal solution for the growing family needing a little more living space without the costs of extending. Providing your home has a veranda or pergola, enclosing the space underneath with blinds from Your World Outdoor Blinds and Shutters will enable you to create a year round livable space. With the correct installation your outdoor area could be virtually bug free. By adding a couch, mini fridge and TV you could possibly create yourself a second or third living area.

Cafe blinds Adelaide
By using outdoor blinds, patio blinds or café blinds, you can transform a once unused part of your property to a thriving entertainment hub
Channeled outdoor Alfresco blinds Adelaide - locked in tracks for a modern finish
Channeled outdoor blinds are perfect for enclosing a pergola or alfresco area.

Channeled Outdoor Blinds (Locked in tracks)

Not sure which channel system is right for you? Give Your World Outdoor Blinds and Shutters a call today!
Channeled blinds are the perfect solution for a clean and modern blind system. Enclosed in a track the blind does not flop around. Thy offer easy operation with one hand. Depending on the space, they can help create insect free entertaining.
If you want Ziptrak blinds, Zipscreen blinds, Slidetrack blinds or eZIP Blinds, we can help. Contact Your World today for your free design, measure and quote today.

Veranda, Straight Drop or Patio Blinds

Stay sheltered and save money!
Veranda or patio blinds give similar benefits of weather protection as channeled blinds. All this without the price tag. 
Cord and reel, spring or crank operation is available for our patio and outdoor blinds. A wide range of fabrics and colours are also available.
Veranda blinds are perfect for lazy weekends barbequing with friends. Or reading a good book without the direct sunlight or rain breaking up your fun.
Outdoor Exterior blinds Adelaide - finishing the look
Outdoor blinds can be used to create a beautiful indoor/outdoor living and entertaining area for your home
Window Awnings Adelaide
Window awnings are a great first line of defense against the sun's harmful UV light and heat.

Window Awnings

Protect the value of your internal furnishings while saving money!
Window awnings are a great way to provide protection from windows which cop a lot of weather. Easy to operate, with a wide range of fabrics available including canvas. Older style window awnings have stood the test of time and still look great. They are also an affordable option to protect window furnishings and furniture. New style window awnings are modern with clean lines and complement modern design. Contact us today for a free design, measure and quote and see if these are the right solution for your home.

Outdoor Blinds and Awnings FAQ

Straight drop blinds do not have channels on the edges of the fabric to keep the blind in place. They are like a heavy duty roller blind with an external fabric. Straight drop blinds will need the addition of tie downs to keep them from blowing around.

Yes. PVC fabrics are a great option and they come in different forms depending on the application. Generally the solid, clear or tinted PVC fabrics only come with a 3 year warranty but are good for 100{9dff31f57e5ed49abc8bf78531225e86ad9b32329513444d804516a677962bc0} rain block and improved vision. Woven PVC typically come with a 10 year warranty, can allow for views and block most weather.

Outdoor blinds can span over 6 metres however the wider the span, the more likely they are to get damaged in windy conditions. It is good practice to leave your blinds up if windy weather is expected. 

Outdoor blinds are great for patios, pergolas and verandas. They are also a good option for windows where a flatter profile is desired to typically window awnings.

Straight drop blinds are secured using anchor points on either end of the bottom bar. These can be fixed to walls, posts and even the ground. If you are wanting channeled outdoor blinds, posts can be installed.

Yes. If you are wanting to span a larger opening without having posts permanently fixed, removable posts can be installed and used only when you want to have the blinds down.

Yes. Crank operated blinds are great if you do not want to bend down to open and close channeled blinds. They are also helpful for more relaxed fixing and operating of wider straight drop blinds.

Yes. Outdoor blinds are a great idea for windows for a low profile modern look. They can also be motorised  for internal operation.

Join Some of Adelaide's most Satisfied Customers

Have you ever had an trade person show up late or not at all?
Ever had a trade person not get back to you?
How about a trade person cleaning up after themselves?
If you are like many of the customers we hear from, these are common causes of a lack of satisfaction. Sure the job was alright and the product works but, the journey getting there was, well…. less than satisfying.
Creating satisfied customers is our passion. It’s more than providing a product that works. Its all the little things that we do to treat your job as if we were installing in our own home.
Our mission – ‘Installing Excellence’. Installing Excellence is more than installing a quality product well. Installing Excellence is about the journey getting there. It’s about your products delivered the way you want them to the same standard as we would expect at our own home.
You can help us help you by following the these three simple steps below:

Imagine Your World

Imagine how outdoor blinds or shutters could improve your world? Imagine how you would use them? How it would benefit your home and family? Then search our website for ideas and book a consultation

Create Your World

Once you have an idea of what you want, our consultants will help you nut out the technical details. This is to make sure that your vision comes to life. Once decided, our team of installers will make sure your vision becomes a reality.

Love Your World

Follow Your World on social media or via email updates. See how your simple vision is making a beautiful impact in the world – through Your World’s donations. Remember to share the love and help get others involved.

All This Sales Talk Got Us Acting Crraaazy.

‘Best Products’ – ‘Great Service’

Have you heard the same marketing slogans time and time again only find out that they are only that – slogans. Claims of ‘best products’ and ‘great service’ served at you like tennis balls at the Australian Open. You know that great products are a crucial part of a sustainable business. And let’s face it, a lot of companies sell very similar if not the same products. And ‘service’ – that’s awfully subjective. Your expectations may be different.

Your satisfaction is a personal matter. Rather than tell you what great service is, we ask you. And if we can meet your needs, we’ll tell you from the start. This may sound crazy but you are a reasonable person. By listening to, and respecting what you’re asking for we are on the right path to satisfying you. Simple. Honest approach and feed back.

It's About What We Can Give

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give “
Winston S Churchill

Your World Outdoor Blinds and Shutters is a blessed business. Every day is a privilege to work and serve Adelaide households. You – our customers are blessed with the privilege of owning your own home. And have enough freedom and stability to be able to afford the time and luxury of our beautiful products. We all have our problems and struggles, we wouldn’t be living if we didn’t.
Our aim is to be able to provide those less privileged then ourselves with opportunity. We have decided to help those serving the less privileged. Done by donating a small percentage of every sale we make to charity. This is a gift for not only us and the charities we donate to but we hope this also translates to our gift to you.
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I just thought I would let you know that Michelle and I are really happy with the plantation shutters that were installed on Friday by Rafael and supplied by your company. They look great, fit perfectly and are perfectly suited to our house. Thanks again


Andy, Plympton

Your salesman Anthony gave a very good impression - on time, pleasant and obliging!! He made me go for your product and was completely honest with requriements


Joyce, Seaford Heights

Jan, Kennsington Gardens

I can't thank you enough. The staff were fantastic and the outdoor blinds look fabulous.


Jan, Kennsington Gardens

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