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Are you confused about all the different options for plantation shutters and knowing which option is best for you?

Have you received quotes for plantation shutters that were way over your budget?

Have you thought about enclosing your outdoor entertaining area with aluminium plantation shutters but not sure who to use?

Join the club. Plantation Shutters have the ability to transform your home and add touch of class and elegance to any Adelaide residence. Due to their ability to easily control light while improving insulation,  they are becoming increasing popular in Adelaide. What makes the choice hard is the range of materials and colours available however Your World Outdoor Blinds and Shutters helps you find the perfect solution for your space. We have a range of aluminium, PVC and timber plantation shutters. Where ever possible we prefer and recommend Australian suppliers and manufacturers for quality products and faster turnaround times. So if you are looking for plantation shutters in Adelaide be sure to give us a call.

Aluminium plantation shutters Adelaide
Choosing the right type of plantation shutter is important. Aluminium shutters are great outdoors. PVC plantation shutters for indoors and wet areas and use timber for living areas
Plantation shutters Adelaide
Plantation shutters in Adelaide help control the amount of light in your home.

Control Light with Plantation Shutters

Let the daylight in when you want it in!

Being able to control the level of light in a room quickly and easily is a key feature of plantation shutters in Adelaide. With the movement of a single slat, you will be able to allow light to flood your room or close the shutter to block out unwanted glare. Such ease of control they are perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, dining rooms and living rooms. 

Save on Power Bills using Plantation Shutters

Cut down that recurring power bill without acrificing comfort!

Plantation shutters provide insulation and assist in reducing Adelaide power bills. The shutters create internal thermal mass against your glass which is typically your homes biggest conductor of thermal energy. This means that having plantation shutters closed during very cold or hot days should reduce your power consumption associated with heating and cooling your rooms.

In Fact, PVC plantation shutters have up to 4 times the insulating qualities of timber shutters. To find out more, be sure to contact us today.

Plantation shutters Adelaide - For veranda
Plantation shutters can help reduce your power bills. Using outdoors helps stop heat from entering your home or entertaining area
Aluminium plantation shutters Adelaide
Plantation shutters will help you control light and privacy making them perfect for bathrooms

Plantation Shutters Add Privacy

Your neighbors don’t need to see what movie you’re watching!

Adelaide house blocks are getting smaller as population density increases. We are growing increasingly closer together which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but at times a bit of privacy is needed. Plantation shutters provide the convenience to block out the world with a quick flick of the wrist. Whether you are having dinner, visiting the bathroom or heading to bed –  you have the power to create total privacy.

Timber Shutters

Light and elegant with great choice of colours! 

Classic and light, timber shutters are the most widely purchased and known plantation shutter variety. Painted or stained, they offer excellent value for money and provide a classic look. More than this, timber plantation shutters are durable and hard wearing, making them a great option for most situations in your home. Contact Your World today for a free design, measure and quote.

Timber plantation shutters Adelaide - for living areas
Timber plantation shutters are an excellent choice for most living areas
PVC plantation shutters Adelaide or Aluminium Plantation shutters are perfect for bathrooms
Use PVC or Aluminium plantation shutters for bathrooms or other areas of the home where mositure may be a concern

PVC Plantation Shutters

The indoors all-rounder plantation shutter!

With the advancements of plastics, PVC plantation shutters have proven an excellent choice in most Adelaide home situations. PVC shutters can be environmentally friendly by utilising recycled plastics. As well as this, they are strong – made of composite materials and aluminium cores for extra strength. This strength means they are popular in wet areas where moisture build up can cause damage to nature timber products. Being Australian made and affordable, Your World Outdoor Blinds and Shutters range of  PVC plantation shutters will have you wanting to shutter your whole home. Contact us today for a free design, measure and quote.

Aluminium Plantation Shutters

Perfect for outdoors, aluminium louvre shutters block out the weather that would destroy blinds!

Aluminium Louvre Shutters are the most versatile of all shutters. They are the go to option for outdoor solutions whether you are closing in a pergola or using them on windows. They are stylish and strong and come in a range of colours and blade widths. In fact aluminium shutters can also be cyclone rated.

Aluminium Plantation shutters also make an excellent choice for inside your home as well. Whether in the bathroom, bedroom, living areas or outdoor enclosures, aluminium shutters are the most versatile and ideal solution where price is not most the important  consideration. Contact us today for a free design, measure and quote.

Enclosing a pergola or alfresco area with plantation shutters
If you are wanting to enclose a pergola or alfresco area with plantation shutters, you simply must give Your World Outdoor Blinds and Shutters a call
Plantation shutters framing Adelaide
Choose the right frame for your plantation shutters

Framing Options for Plantation Shutters

Choose the frame to best suit the situation!

Your World has a range of frame options to best suit your homes’ needs. Whether you desire ‘L’ frame or ‘Z’frame, need ‘T’ bars, corner frame, bay window frames or mid-rails, our team will be able to advise what will work best for you and the outcome you desire. 

Operation of Your Plantation Shutters

The operation of your plantation shutters is not only a practical consideration, but can add to the aesthetic of the overall job. Whether you are wanting fixed, hinged, bi-fold or sliding panel options, Your World Outdoor Blinds and Shutters have you covered. Call today for a free design, measure and quote.


Plantation Shutters FAQ

Basswood is a strong but light timber typically used for plantation shutters. PVC plantation shutters are manufactured with plastic that is often from recycled sources. Both are typically painted in soft colours such as white and egg shell however timber shutter can are sometimes painted in other colours such as red, black and green.

Inspire PVC plantation shutters provide around 4 x the insulation qualities of a Basswood shutter

Yes. Our range of PVC plantation shutter blades are reinforced with aluminium cores for extra strength.

Blade sizes come in a few different widths depending on the manufacturer. They will typically have options around 60mm, 90mm and 110mm. The size can affect the price and is a style preference. Your World Outdoor Blinds and Shutters have various options and it is best to ask about your specific requirements.

A split tilt is when the ability to tilt (open or close the blades) is split on the panel – such as the top section of a panel being able to open and close independently of the bottom. This can be helpful when wanting to improve privacy or light and glare control.

You can keep your plantation shutters clear of dust by using a feather duster or dry cloth to wipe dust from the blades. If they have more stubborn dirt, you may need to use a damp cloth.

Yes. timber plantation shutters can be painted in a wide range of colours to suit your decor and taste. From the ordinary like white and off white to the modern such as black to the adventurous like green

Some types and brands of plantation shutters are prone to warping, particularly if they are exposed to heat or dampness. If you are looking to place plantation shutters on windows which are north facing or west facing and have direct sun hitting them, it will be a good idea to look into specific brand warranties and manufacturers. If in doubt and to play it safe, aluminium shutters can be used instead.

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