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Are your power prices higher than you want them to be and looking for roller shutters to help?

Do you need to get some sleep before your next night shift and find it difficult with the daylight and street noise?

Have you been broken into before and found security screens only cover part of the window?

Roller Shutters are a good solution for helping to solve these problems and  many more and due to this fact Roller Shutters have become a common fixture for Adelaide homes. With their ability to provide security, style and control the homes environment, they make an excellent choice for modern living. Roller shutters can also be automated adding to your home’s automation solutions creating an intuitive and practical living space that’s fun to interact with (even when at work or on holidays).

Modern Roller Shutters Adelaide
Roller Shutters provide a number of positive benefits for your home
Security Roller Shutters Adelaide
Add an additional layer of protection from intruders by installing roller shutters in your home

Roller Shutters For Security and Peace of Mind

Keep your home and your loved one’s safe!

Security is a common concern in Adelaide and windows are often the most obvious and vulnerable entry point to our homes. Roller shutters when used for security add a layer of protection over the glass or door providing extra peace of mind. In contrast to this, security screens are usually only placed on the part of the window which opens, and that is  great for fresh air but leaves your security vulnerable. By using Roller Shutters for security by covering the entire window you will be protecting the glass as well.

Enjoy Peace and Quiet with Roller Shutters

Block out the neighborhood and fill your home with sounds that create happiness using roller shutters!

Whether you are wanting a well deserved weekend sleep in, enjoying a movie with the family or getting some shut eye from working your night shit, reducing outside noise is a wonderful benefit of installing roller shutters. The physical barrier to the outside created by roller shutters helps blocks out external noises such as street and traffic sounds, power tools, lawn mowers, garbage trucks and barking dogs just to name a few.

Modern Roller Shutters Adelaide - Get a well needed sleep in or watch the latest movie in peace
Use roller shutters to get a well needed sleep in or watch the latest movie in peace
Modern Roller Shutters Adelaide - help you save on power bills
Designer homes are typically built for energy saving. Roller shutters complement well designed homes by improving insulation and helping to reduce your power bills

Save on Power Bills with Roller Shutters

Cut down that recurring power bill without sacrificing comfort with the use of roller shutters!

Adelaide power prices are the highest in the world and your windows are typically the biggest cause of the transfer of hot and cold. This means that your windows are letting the summer heat and the winter chill in. 

The physical barrier created by roller shutters creates an insulation layer (external thermal mass) over the glass, reducing the rate of transference of external temperature allowing you to more easily maintain the internal ambient air temperature. 

Due to this benefit home owners all over Adelaide are choosing to install roller shutters. Get in contact with us today to book your free design, measure and quote.

Simply put – roller shutters save you money by reducing the amount of energy required by air conditioners and heaters.

Control Light and Glare with Shutters

Install roller shutters and get some rest or watch your favorite shows without interruption! 

Having the ability to totally block out light can be incredibly helpful. Depending on the installation, roller shutters allow for a complete block-out effect of the light coming through a window. This can be particularly helpful for getting some well deserved sleep after a long night shift, helping get children to sleep during day light savings or even creating a cinema like atmosphere when you are watching the latest blockbuster with the family.

Fully closed roller shutters can completely block out light. When set just before fully closed they allow for low level light inside while still being able to see outside. Increasing or decreasing the height of the shutter controls direct sunlight as the sun rises or sets.

Ezy view Roller shutters Adelaide for enclosing a pergola
Roller shutters are a great way to help control light and glare in your home. Ezy view roller shutters allow for light and views, making them great for alfrescos and pergolas
Privacy Roller Shutters Adelaide - can assist making your home private
The use of roller shutters acts a complete block to the inside view of your home. Great for homes and businesses.

Add Privacy

Your neighbors don’t need to watch you cook dinner!

Privacy can also be added by installing roller shutters. Adelaide home blocks are becoming smaller meaning our neighbours are closer than ever and fences are sometimes not enough. The level of control which roller shutters provide over the internal environment for a window or door mean that they are great for privacy. By having the roller shutters closed yet not ‘fully closed’, you are able to see out while not letting anyone see in.

Consider Fire Safety

Incorporate fire safety with your roller shutter investment!

Bushfires are a real concern for some South Australian residences and roller shutters can create a barrier to the fire and may assist in protecting the home. The correct roller shutter needs to be installed because standard residential slats are filled with PU foam meaning they are not fire rated. In bush fire zones, a heavier gauge aluminium is needed to form an extruded slat. 

Make sure your Roller shutters Adelaide don't lock you in your home in case of a fire
Make sure your Roller shutters don't lock you in your home in case of a fire

Getting out of the home in the case of an internal fire is also a real concern and can be addressed using a number of options including isolated power supplies and/or manual overrides. An automated fire activation device which automatically opens the shutters in the event of a fire alarm activation may be a viable safety solution.

Manual or Motorised roller Shutters Adelaide
Choosing motorised shutters and adding automation to them helps bring your home into the 21 century

Manual or Motorised

Choose the option to best suit your lifestyle and budget!

Your World Outdoor Blinds and Shutters have a number of operation methods to suit your taste or budget. Whether you are wanting a manual winder or crank handle, 12 volt battery operation, 240 volt motorisation or a solar powered solution, we will help you choose the right option for your home.


Embrace the possibilities!

With automation becoming an increasing part of Adelaide living and homes, it only makes sense that automation is becoming an increasing part of the roller shutter story. We can help you automate your roller shutters to activate on sun detection, wind detection or movement detection. 


Roller Shutter FAQ

Yes. Wall thickness and density matter for blocking out noise, insulating and strength. There are two types of thicknesses when talking about roller shutters and both matter. The first thickness is the slat thickness, which is the thickness of the entire slat including the two outside walls and the space in between (often filled with PU foam). This thickness is typically between 8-9mm. Wall thickness is other type of thickness and refers to the actual thickness of the aluminium used in the manufacturing of the outside walls. Generally this thickness is 0.32mm or 1mm, however for foam filled slats, the wall thickness is usually thinner as the foam creates strength while keeping the weight down. Fire rated or extruded slats, where foam is not allowed or extra strength is required, then the aluminium wall is thicker (around 1mm). 

It is very common for ​roller shutters to last 15-20 years or longer although, during this time there are a few maintenance items that may need to be sorted such as cord or strap replacements for manual shutters, batteries for 12 volt shutters or motors for motorised shutters. 

Not really. It is a good idea to keep the tracks clear of any obstructions and clean the tracks from time to time by simply running a banister brush down the tracks. Outside of this, roller shutters are designed to last.

Reveal fit sit in side the window reveal while face fit sit on the outside of the reveal- on the face of the wall. To work out the best placement of the shutter you will need to consider the type of wall, the type of window and the outcome you are wanting to achieve. 

Yes. Rechargeable battery powered roller shutter are good and in some situations they will be the most practical solution as a mains power source may be difficult to access (such as the ground floor of a two storey home). While the shutters are good, it is important to keep in mind that the batteries only have a warranty of 12 months and although they will typically last for quite a while longer than their warranty, the batteries will need to be replaced at some stage.

Yes. Solar powered shutters are similar to 12 volt battery powered shutters except they do not need to be manually recharged as they have a solar panel attached for continuous and automatic recharging?

Yes, there are a number of roller shutter manufacturers in Australia and Your World Outdoor Blinds and Shutters choose Australian made manufacturers.

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