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Slidetrack Outdoor Blinds are a strong and robust system designed with the installing and longevity in mind. Restrained in guides, these systems offer the main benefits of other restrained guide systems but offer more flexibility and options making them perfectly suited to complicated installations, and harder wearing situations. An excellent solution for an alfresco, patio, window, veranda or balcony….and they can be easy installations as well 🙂

Outdoor Slidetrack blinds create a breathable indoor outdoor space
Slidetrack Outdoor Blinds Adelaide by Your World Outdoor Blinds and Shutters

Slidetrack Points of Difference

Designed for installing and built to last 
Unlike some of the betterl known systems Your World Outdoor Blinds and Shutters Installs, Slidetrack outdoor blinds offer unique design features making them perfectly suited to tough installations. A few of these features include: heavy duty top tube and bottom bar, top tube reducers, stainless steel centre unlocking system and patented angled mounting channels.

Heavy Duty Top Tube and Bottom Bar

Solid and strong – designed for small and large openings.
Being manufactured with heavy duty top tubes and bottom bars means that the Slidetrack outdoor blind system is ready for the toughest test South Australian can throw at it. Unlike some of the popular alternatives, Slidetrack start with heavy duty components. This means that there is no big jump in pricing as the blind size increase. Suitable for openings from 650 mm to 6500 mm wide and 3500 mm high. Rest assured the Slidetrack blind will get the job done
Slidetrack Bottom Bar LOGO closeup
SlidetSlidetrack heavy duty top tube

Top Tube Reducers

Fabric tightening is kept simple and effective
The unique top tube reducers found in the Slidetrack Outdoor Blind system ensure the fabric can be kept tight despite a heavy side spline. Having the thickest side spline of all our systems can have downsides. Typically this sort of spline creates a larger blind ‘smile’ than smaller refined spline edges. By incorporating a unique top tube reducer system into the design, Slidetrack helps to reduce this effect making for a better finished fabric, even when left at midpoint positions

Stainless Steel Centre Unlocking

Centre unlock releases left and right side locking pins from the centre of the blind

Designed to last with minimal plastic components, the Slidetrack system boasts a Stainless steel centre unlocking mechanism. This mechanism like other centre unlocking mechanisms can be operated from both sides or just one side of the blind. Simple and clean lines, this system can be modified with a handle for simultaneous unlocking and ability to unlock using your foot or pull stick.

Freedom ZL2 Top Track

Patented Angle Mount Channels

Curved posts and Angled Installations are no match 
Slidetrack’s patented angle mount channels mean that many jobs thought impossible before can be accomplished with relative ease. Simple to install and work with, the angle mount channels make light work of round posts and angled blind installations. 
Also available are deep channel mounts which allow for modifications around gas, water lines and other common obstacles other systems struggle to work around.
These design elements mean that Slidetrack Outdoor Blinds teamed up with Your World Outdoor Blinds and Shutters are the ultimate system for tougher installations 
Slidetrack Deeper Channels and Internal Lock for Complex Cutouts

Your World Outdoor Blinds’ Assessment

Built to last and made for toughness
The Slidetrack Outdoor Blind system has been around for over 10 years and is still relatively unknown in the SA market despite being designed in South Australia. Our installers find the Slidetrack system the perfect system to install for harder jobs which require angles or track cut outs. Our customers love the robust design of the system and the longevity it has been providing. It really is built to last.
There can be trade off for longevity and in the case of Slidetrack outdoor blinds we would say that flatness of curtain is sometimes lacking. With the heavier spline edge the fabric typically has crease or crinkle marks along the spline edge. While this typically flattens out after being left down in the sun a couple of days, it will sometimes reappear when left up for a few days when put down again.
While we do recommend this system for complicated installations, we also like it for easy installs too.

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