Zipscreen Outdoor Blinds

Stylish & Streamlined

Zipscreen Outdoor Blinds are an easy way to extend your home without the expense and inconvenience of renovations. Create extra outdoor/indoor space for your family so you can experience relaxation without the hassle of summer heat or the cold of winter.

Perfectly suited to Alfresco areas, patios, verandah and balconies, Zipscreen outdoor blinds will help you indulge your family with open air living all year round.

Outdoor Zipscreen blinds Adelaide
Outdoor Zipscreen blinds Adelaide difference
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The Zipscreen Difference

Patented Technology creating functionality and modern design 
The Zipscreen system has patented design elements that enable it to lead the market in modern design and functionality. 
These design elements are categorised into three (3) main areas which differentiate the Zipscreen as a well engineered and refined system. These three elements are the Z-Lock, the Ultra Lock and the Extruded Aluminium Headbox.


Strong smooth streamlined!
The Z-Lock is Zipscreen’s patented side retention system. The system has been designed to ensure that there are no gaps between the fabric and the guide. The system creates a smooth and strong operation which will not blow out in the wind.
zlock by Zipscreen
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Ultra lock by Zipscreen
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Ultra Lock

One action lock and tension – all contained within the guide!
The Ultra Lock by Zipscreen boasts a hidden and integrated locking system within the guide. This eliminates the need for plastic locking mechanisms which are located on the outside of the guides. The new Ultra Lock has also includes a stronger heavy duty locking pin .

Aluminium Headbox

Contemporary and Slimlined

Zipscreen’s headbox is made from high quality extruded aluminium which ensures a strong and lasting headbox for your blind. The design is aestheically pleasing with a streamlined square form.

Zipscreen Headbox by Zipscreen
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Outdoor Zipscreen blinds Adelaide

Your World Outdoor Blinds’ Assessment

Great system to work with that our customers’ love.
Our installers’ find the Zipscreen system a pleasure to install and work with. The design elements ensure a streamlined system with a flat curtain.
The patented Z-Lock technology is great for reducing blind ‘smile’. However the zip style spline sometimes folds over on itself throwing the bottom bar out of level when blind is raised.
The quality of the headbox is felt from the moment you pick it up. It installs wonderfully onto the unit. 
The quality and design elements of the Zipscreen can mean this system is at a slightly higher price point than competing systems we install.

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