Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds

South Australia's Favourite

Ziptrak outdoor blinds are a South Australian innovation…and we love that. This system is great if you want to create a harmonious indoor/outdoor space for your family. The Ziptrak outdoor blind system allows you to control light, air and temperature meaning you are in charge of your outdoor space.

Ziptrak Blinds Adelaide, Pasadena, South Australia
Centre-lock-release Ziptrak Blinds Adelaide
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The Ziptrak Key Features

Ease of Operation and Simplicity of Design 
The Ziptrak outdoor blind system has patented design elements that ensure a smooth lightweight operation which locks at any height.

Leave at Any Height

Stays where you leave it.
The Ziptrak system is designed to stay at any position along the tracks. It is as easy as letting the blind go! Controlling your environment can be achieved in seconds.
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Outdoor Ziptrak Blinds Adelaide - Parafield Gardens

Lightweight Simple Operation

Effortless Spring Balance System
Unlike some other blind systems, the Ziptrak system has a patented Spring-balanced system which ensures effortless operation. You will find that the weight of the blind just disappears because of this patented system. No heavy pulling or pushing with the Ziptrak!

Locks in Any Place

Centre unlock releases left and right side simulatneously

Ziptrak blinds have a secure locking mechanism so you can lock them securely. These can be fitted in any position. When positioned at the bottom, these locks will provide a secure hold even in windy conditions. The centre release system makes for easy operation. The left and right locks release simultaneously.

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Outdoor Ziptrak Blinds Adelaide - Mannum SA

Your World Outdoor Blinds’ Assessment

Really popular is South Australia and for good reason.
The Ziptrak Outdoor Blind system is an SA favourite for good reason. Our installers find it simple to install and super easy to operate. The side retention system is strong and requires minimal maintenance – simply spray with silicone spray from time to time.
The curtain remains flat and the bottom bar level as the spline rolls up consistently on either side. Traditionally the spline has caused a slight smile with the blind however this has been improved recently with the inclusion of a smaller spline. 
Other recent design features and product improvements have helped to reposition this system as a market leader. Such additions include a square form headbox with optional fabric brush strips.

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